Eruditio's Backlog Management Workshop

Join us Tuesday, May 10 for a ¾ day of fun and games with a point to deliver the basics you need to improve reliability.

Managing a maintenance backlog is one of the most daunting tasks a facility is faced with.  How can organizations be sure they are focusing on the right tasks at the right time?  This workshop will teach students not only the value of a backlog but how proper backlog management can increase the quality of interdepartmental relationships within the organization.  This workshop is more than just planning and scheduling, it is about managing the documented risk facing organizations.  Topics include:

  • How to create a backlog
  • Necessary data elements required to manage the backlog effectively
  • How to measure the backlog and communicate the risk to the business
  • How to prioritize the work in the backlog
  • How to effectively and efficiently manage the work that is being asked of our maintenance organizations through good planning and scheduling techniques
  • What KPIs are key to identifying the performance of backlog management efforts.

Through hands-on activities and lectures, students will take a deeper dive into what most instructors skip over in traditional planning and scheduling training.