Eruditio presents THE Leading Reliability Workshop: Tools and concepts you need to be successful

This workshop will be held Tuesday, May 16.

Leading Reliability: The Tools and Concepts You Need to Be Successful.

This leadership workshop provides you with simple tools designed to help you lead your organization, develop an effective team, and achieve better business results.

Have you ever asked yourself?

• How do I empower my team to be more effective?

• How do I develop team members?

• How do I continue to improve myself?

• How do I get started with this process?

During our day-long workshop, we will discuss the leadership tools and processes it takes to develop and lead a successful team.

We’ll walk you through the starting process by creating a hypothetical implementation and using simulations, games, and exercises for an interactive learning experience. Once underway you’ll have the opportunity to practice these exercises in a safe training environment. After identifying how to assist team members achieve their professional and personal goals, we will focus on your development as both an individual and a team leader.

You will leave with the knowledge and tools that create an environment for greater success! This is a great workshop for you, your team, and your boss to attend!