RDI Technologies Training: Advanced Features

This workshop will be held May 13-14.

RDI Technologies Advanced Features (Two Days)

RDI Technologies is constantly adding features and functionality to both its hardware and software. To help our customers keep up with the changes and additions, we have developed a new training course called Advanced Features. This 2-day course will cover some of our newest features including:

· RDI External Sync

· RDI Stereo Vision

· Iris M Route Based Applications

· RDI Modal Amplified

Course Agenda:

Day One:

· 0800 – 1000: External Sync

· 1000 – 1200: RDI Stereo Vision

· 1200 – 1300: Lunch

· 1300 – 1430: Route Based Data Collection & Analysis

· 1430 – 1530: Case Histories

Day Two:

· 0800 – 1200: RDI Modal Amplified

· 1200 – 1300: Lunch

· 1300 – 1400: RDI Modal Amplified

· 1400 – 1530: Exam

Advanced Features Certification:

There will be a certification exam at the conclusion of the last day of training. Students who pass this multiple-choice exam will earn an “AF” designation after their current level of certification.

Advanced Motion Amplification® Training Requirements:

· Students must have already taken the Basic Motion Amplification Certification Course and passed the Level I Motion Amplification® Certification.

· Students should bring their own Acquisition Unit to the class. Accessories such as lights and tripods will not be needed.

· There will be a fair amount of vibration analysis discussed in this class. It is recommended that students be at least CAT II certified in vibration analysis in order to get the most out of this training.