RDI Technologies 2 Day Workshop

*This was the workshop for the 2021 Leading Reliability Conference. We will update this for our 2022 Leading Reliability Conference accordingly as we get more information.


This workshop will take place on Monday & Tuesday, August 23-24 from 8:30 AM-5 PM, before the Leading Reliability 2021 Live Conference begins.


What You’ll Learn
During the Basic Iris M™ Certification Training, you learned the basics of how to acquire Motion Amplification® data and how to use the Motion Amplification® Application to analyze data and create videos. You’ve had some time to use the system on your own and now you’re ready to take your skills to the next level.

RDI’s Advanced Motion Amplification® Training helps students cross the gap between knowing simply how to use the basic components of the system, to actually solving problems related to structures, rotating machinery, and piping.

Learn Advanced Motion Amplification® analysis techniques to help make you a more successful Motion Amplification® Analyst. Over two days our experienced instructors will cover the following:

Identifying Common Machinery Faults with Motion Amplification®
Advanced Signal Processing
Advanced Data Collection
Resonance Testing
Piping and Pipe Support Analysis
Rotating Component Inspection
High-Density Recording
Using Motion Studio™ for Professional Results
Anti-Aliasing Techniques
Transient Analysis
Presentation of Motion Amplification® Case Histories

Receive Professional Advice
Are you currently dealing with a mechanical or structural issue? Bring your own data to share with the class and our experienced instructors will offer professional insight about possible problems and solutions.

Advanced Motion Amplification® Training Requirements
Students must have already taken the Basic Motion Amplification® Certification Course and passed the Level I Motion Amplification® Certification test.
Students should bring their own acquisition unit with at least 50 GB of free storage space to the class.
Although it is not a technical prerequisite for taking the class, it is highly recommended that students be Category I certified in vibration analysis before attending.