RDI Technologies Motion Amplification® Workshop

Motion Amplification®: A Hands-On Practical Guide for Utilizing a Camera for Asset Reliability

This workshop will be held Tuesday, May 14, 8:30 am-12 pm.

RDI Technologies’ hands-on workshop will cover the basics of Motion Amplification® and allow our attendees to utilize Motion Amplification® cameras and software for live data collection and analysis by certified Motion Amplification® instructors. The course will cover an introduction to the technology and guide the attendees through use cases to learn how a camera can be leveraged in new ways to supplement and add new capabilities to a maintenance and reliability program. Attendees will then have access to cameras and software to perform their own data collection on live portable assets. Instructors will guide you through this process and demonstrate best practices with the technology and connect this hands-on experience to their own maintenance and reliability issues. The workshop will include an introduction to the technology along with open discussions on the ways in which the technology can be integrated into a real-world maintenance and reliability program. The workshop will allow for self-paced learning so that novices with the technology will benefit by learning the basics while more advanced attendees can explore the wide variety of new and advanced capabilities the technology has expanded to include. The latest capabilities will be covered, including continuous monitoring, trending, thermal growth and tach synchronization for rotating dynamics among others.


  • Jeff Hay, Chief Executive Officer, RDI Technologies