*These were the abstracts for the 2023 Leading Reliability Conference. We are still working to finalize the 2024 abstracts.


Dr. Marc Tremblay

Operating Partner, Arsenal Capital Partners


“Always Be Innovating: How Technology Drives Growth”

Most people agree that it is more difficult to make sense of the future in today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world. Continuing to innovate and pushing for new technology in the face of geo-political and macro uncertainty is hard. Leaders must be deliberate in making time to think and engage their team’s functioning to ensure that they can tap into their creativity and develop new tech solutions and ways of working.

Join us as Dr. Marc Tremblay, Operating Partner at Arsenal Capital, and former President of Fluke Corporation, shares his proven process and thoughts on transitioning from a wait-and-see culture to one that pushes your organization toward excellence. You will be inspired & equipped to get that next project off the ground!


Ana Maria Seltenright

Maintenance and Reliability Engineer, Kennedy Space Center


Jeff Hay

CEO, RDI Technologies


“Launch Status Check: Kennedy Space Center Says Motion Amplification® is A Go”

Artemis I will be the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems: the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the ground systems from Kennedy Space Center. The primary operation goal of the mission is to assure a safe crew module entry, descent, splashdown, and recovery. During this flight, the spacecraft will launch on the most powerful rocket in the world and fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown! All this takes a dedicated maintenance and reliability team. 

Join us to hear directly from members of this elite team. You will see how strict requirements, pinpoint accuracy, attention to safety and every detail come into play when you work with thousands of components and critical infrastructure that will orbit around the moon.  The team from KSC will share multiple case studies where Motion Amplification® measured vibration and displacement movements (not visible to the human eye) pivotal to Artemis’s progress and upcoming launch.  This one guaranteed to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Milan Heninger

Head of Commissioning, North America, Enel Green Power


“Beyond the PF Curve – Understanding Organizational Performance”

A common theme amongst reliability practitioners is that we are often “fixing the mess” created by others. Unfortunately, this is true for almost every organization trying to deliver a product for their business. This talk will present an intuitive model that helps explain how gaps between our expectations and what is delivered are created in our business systems. Building from the DIPF curve, we will explore how organizational behaviors and organizational entropy lead to expanding costs and underperformance throughout the value chain and reveal hidden difficulties for a reliability professional. Further, we will explore concepts we can use to manage improvements and design new systems that drive sustainable performance improvements in our businesses.

Headshot - Florian Buder

Florian Buder

VP of Technical Sales and Engineering, Acoem USA


“The Path to CBM success – A Clear Understanding of Equipment and Machine Requirements Leads to an Operation With Maximum Efficiency”

The average industrial plant faces constant challenges with downtime, limited machine condition insights, and unexpected costs associated with maintenance. An effective condition based maintenance (CBM) program that utilizes vibration analysis will provide solutions to these challenges. However, to maximize the efficiency of your program, it is integral to understand your equipment and it’s operational requirements. Join us as we cover the diverse needs of your assets and the different methods for capturing vibration data (portable, wireless, and/or continuous methods).


Jeff Hay

CEO, RDI Technologies

tim english

Tim English

VP of Sales, RDI Technologies


How Does Motion Amplification® Fit into My Reliability Program?

In 2015, RDI Technologies introduced the concept of Motion Amplification®, a technique that uses proprietary video and image processing to detect, measure, and visualize motion that is impossible to see with the human eye. In this session, our Senior Training Manager, Scott Burkhardt, will share how the organizations that he personally works with are utilizing and implementing MA into their reliability programs. There will be plenty of time for your comments and questions!

mike c

Mike Ciocys

Technical Sales Manager, RDI Technologies


“Continuous Monitoring and Motion Amplification®: 24/7 Coverage is Here!”

Just imagine having 2.3 million sensors in every image without ever touching your asset. The Iris CM™ is the latest innovation in video-based asset condition monitoring. It connects traditional vibration inputs and RDI’s patented video-based vibration measurements to ensure you never miss anything in your facility. Numerous cameras can be networked to capture simultaneous data and offer multiple views of a process, test, or piece of machinery. You can quantify vibration, amplitude, phase, and frequency for anything visible in the recorded video. During this session, we will demo the Iris CM™ software and hardware that makes this a reality. Seeing really is believing.

mike c

Mike Ciocys

Technical Sales Manager, RDI Technologies


Maddy Hawkins

Director of Partnerships for Enterprise Asset Management, Boston Dynamics


“Robots and Routes? Let’s Get Dynamic”

Okay, by now, who hasn’t seen SPOT the quadruped robotic dog?  Yes, it’s cool. But do you really understand and see the value and the capabilities? What about the quality of the data captured? Join Mike Ciocys, Technical Sales Manager at RDI Technologies and Maddy Hawkins, Boston Dynamics’ Director of Partnerships for EAM, for this session of possibilities. See Iris Explorer, the Motion Amplification® payload designed specifically for SPOT, and get your questions answered.


Blair Fraser

Vice President of Global Development, UE Systems


Bearing Lubrication Revolutionized: Wireless Ultrasound Sensors and Lubricators Provide Simplified and Precise Condition Based Lubrication

Introducing a game-changing technology that combines wireless ultrasound sensors with vibration and temperature analysis to provide simplified yet precise monitoring of bearing lubrication needs and health. This innovative system continuously collects real-time data, detecting even the slightest changes in bearing condition. When combined with a cutting-edge wireless lubricator, this technology completely removes guesswork and manual tasks from the bearing lubrication process. The result is a significant reduction in over or under lubrication, decreased maintenance costs, and increased equipment reliability. With wireless connectivity of the sensors and lubricator, this technology sets a new standard for bearing maintenance, bringing a whole new level of simplicity and precision to bearing lubrication.

jeff hay

Jeff Hay

CEO, RDI Technologies

tim english

Tim English

VP of Sales, RDI Technologies


“Technology Trends: Is Your Organization Keeping Up?”

Dr. Jeff Hay, CEO at RDI Technologies and VP of Sales, Tim English, will share their insights into the industry’s most pressing business challenges and opportunities facing our sectors. They will touch on how we manage inflation, meet changing customer demands concerning product innovation, how the use of data will be central to developing a lean and agile organization,and the opportunities for sustained growth and profitability. This session is for you if you need to find ways to improve the second half of 2023 and beyond!


Brian Hronchek

Reliability Engineer, Eruditio


“You Will Never Be Good Enough: The Case for Continuous Improvement”

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It… But Do Improve It.” This motto should be the way we work and live each day.  If the first hunters and gatherers had never learned to farm, would humans have had the resources to pursue the advancements in technology that we enjoy today? As leaders in the Reliability & Maintenance Industry, our responsibility is to advance continuous improvement activities so that the next generation of workers can work safer and be more productive than we are currently. In this session, we will uncover and discuss both tools and methods that you can use to improve your current reliability reality to something better, continuously!


Brandon Hughes

Reliability Engineer


Implementing Reliability: The Continuous Journey

In this session, we are going to discuss Reliability foundational elements and more advanced topics of implementation. We will begin with how you can lead Reliability change and then dive into how you can connect these foundational elements. We will look at and discuss what you can accomplish when you have all the elements working together. Finally, we will discuss engineering out the failures based on inputs from predictive maintenance, root cause, and the other precursors.

Expect to hear both stories and learning points about:

•            Change Management.

•            Implementation Order.

•            Processes.

•            Root Cause Analysis.

•            Predictive Maintenance.

•            And more…


Shon Isenhour

Partner, Eruditio


Operational Reliability: A Partnership for Performance 

Many reliability and some asset management improvements initiatives plateau early, leaving their performance short of the planned goal. One common mistake is that they are driven as a maintenance improvement initiative only. The result being the Operations team is left out of the process which creates a barrier preventing total success.  In this session, we will discuss crucial components including tools, schedules, and teamwork that will help you connect with your operations counterpart. Together you and your team will build something incredible. Expect to leave with items such as sample partnership agreements, lists of operational reliability enablers, and a fundamental plan that you can implement upon your return. After all, working together across departments will allow you to build a truly operational reliability process.

Bob Kazar 4 UE Sys

Bob Kazar

Maintenance Manager, Califia Farms


Maximizing Reliability in 24/7 Manufacturing Operation through Condition Monitoring & Precision Lubrication

This presentation discusses a unique problem involving lubrication and predictive monitoring requirements on a bottle filler running 24-7 making plant-based, almond, and oat milk.  The site has experienced double-digit growth for the past few years.  This growth has crowned Production king as the company continually succeeds in making all customer order commitments of quality and quantity.  Reliability is considered extremely important but shutting down equipment for routine lubrication or maintenance requires a condition-based approach to avoid downtime.

Specific Filler design of several critical components has presented unique challenges for reliability.  These components have had a low MTBF which resulted in costly downtime events.  Utilizing the support of UE System application expertise, the plant deployed the Ontrak system.  The system allows for continuous condition-based monitoring but also real-time data on lubrication activities.  Technicians can monitor the results of their lubrication effort and monitoring of component health in real-time.  This presentation will explain the challenges, trials and eventual success of deploying daily maintenance activities without impact to equipment uptime.


Brandon Roland


“Building the Foundation of a Successful Lubrication Program”

In a world where roughly 60 percent of bearing failures are lubrication related, a lubrication program should be one of the key pillars of any reliability strategy. In this presentation, Brandon Roland, MLT, will discuss the basics of starting a lubrication program from the ground up by touching on training, storage, lubrication routes, equipment, and more. He will also discuss some of the key factors that have allowed him to extend the life cycle on several pieces of equipment and build a successful and continually improving program

Headshot - Stan Riddle

Stan Riddle

Technical Training Supervisor, Acoem USA


“Reliable Precision Maintenance in 30 Minutes – An Overview”

Join us for an overview into reliable precision maintenance. This presentation will cover skills that are vital to the success of any modern plant, such as shaft alignment, vibration data collection, balancing, precision measuring tools, lubrication, mechanical seals, efficient maintenance practices, and more. After this class, you will walk away with an understanding of how to put reliability and precision back into maintenance.

Headshot - Brian Shanovich

Brian Shanovich

CM Business Manager, Acoem USA


“A Vibration Analyst’s Dilemma – Resonance and How Emergence Detangles It”

In the world of vibration analysis the age-old problem of determining the true cause of excessive vibration at 1X rpm can be solved during normal route collection without having to do additional phase measurements. The question is if misalignment, balance or resonance is now solved using Emergence.

“The Types and Uses of Sensor Technology in Vibration Analysis”

With the introduction of newer sensor technology on a daily basis, we are told that these sensors are the answer to all your monitoring concerns. The truth behind sensors and the best fit applications to give the proper asset monitoring for machinery efficiency.


Evan Spence

Asset Management Program Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory


“Reliability and Asset Management: Lessons in Implementation from the Field

In this session, we will look at the implementation of asset management currently underway at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. We will cover lessons learned and successes experienced including:

  • Keeping the energy in your initiatives fly wheel.
  • Fostering leadership involvement.
  • Managing turnover within your initiative.
  • Navigating changing or conflicting priorities.
  • To solidify each topic, we will use actual examples from our implementation.

Allen Welter

Reliability Manager, Rousselot


“Advancements in Ultrasound for Industrial Applications: Impact on Plant Success”

During this presentation, we will explore how ultrasound improves key performance indicators, such as equipment uptime and maintenance costs, while also highlighting the potential for future ultrasonic advancements. Most notably, we will focus on our direct experience and success stories using ultrasound for mechanical, electrical, and air leaks and how it has impacted overall plant success, specifically following the use of the UltraView Camera.

Leading Reliability Conference Testimonials

“A must-attend event for anyone looking to start or improve their maintenance and reliability!”

“I really enjoyed the 2021 Leading Reliability Live and In-person Conference. The speakers each led great discussions and also took time during the day to answer any questions and give out their contact information as a continued resource. There is great value in the contacts made during this conference and the opportunity to talk with our peers about the opportunities and successes we are seeing in our facilities. The venue was excellent and the conference organizers took great care of us. Thank you.”

“This was my first reliability conference, and it was a great experience. I not only enjoyed presenting, but also attending the other workshops. I learned a lot from really established professionals and hope to make improvements at my site with the useful information. I also was able to network with others and answer questions, as well as, get a few of mine answered. Overall this was an excellent conference that was extremely helpful and well put together.”

“What a great week of interacting with a huge variety of professionals that were all focused on reliability! The location, food, and sessions were all outstanding but the atmosphere while enjoying these is what will bring me back next year! Great job guys!”

“This was a wonderful experience. Some of the roadblocks I have while building the PdM program have been removed thanks to this conference. The networking and broad spectrum of speakers was a grand help.”

“The most important part of these types of conferences is the gathering with others who have a interest in implementing a Reliability culture within each of our facilities. This conference provided a lot of available tools and relationships to help improve and implement the reliability culture without our facilities.”

“The Leading Reliability Class was an amazing time! All industry members are experts in their field, and no matter your experience you will definitely take something away from it. No matter if you’re looking for the latest in greatest technology, or just looking to gain knowledge on Reliability Leadership this seminar has it all. Big thank you to everyone who made this visit a pleasure and I look forward to attending again in the future!”

“I got the most from the preconference session with eruditio. I was able to come back and implement some of the strategies immediately.”

“This was my first time attending the reliability conference, so I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. It was a very informative and educational conference. It was a great opportunity to network with folks from within my company as well as build relationships with folks outside of my company.”

“I don’t get the opportunity to meet many other vibration analysts outside of our company, so it was awesome to discuss similarities and differences with them. I loved the atmosphere and networking opportunities.”

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Register TODAY to save $400 off your 2024 Leading Reliability registration!