*These were the abstracts for the 2022 Leading Reliability Conference. We will add content for the 2023 Leading Reliability Conference, May 16-18, abstracts when it becomes available.

Lee Kitchen

Lee Kitchen

Lead Innovation Catalyst, Magical Dude Consulting


“Business as UNusual”

Join former 32-year Disney veteran and Innovation Catalyst for his Keynote, Business as UNusual. It is sure to be a magical morning as Lee will challenge us to get outside our comfort zones while we learn the basics of design thinking, innovation mindsets, and creative behaviors that will help us think differently about our businesses. During this highly interactive and fun hour, participants learn some skills to create big ideas, some basic and simple collaboration tools, and some ways of ‘being’ to create the perfect creative environment to grow and nurture ideas. Bring your doodle pad and your open mind and get ready as this experience will be both inspiring and rewarding, but most of all, fun!


Mohammed Abu Bakr Elrayes

Reliability & Condition Monitoring Engineer, EzzSteel Group


“Implementing Ultrasound Techniques in the Steelmaking Industry”

Steelmaking is a heavy industry that contains several defiant nature assets to monitor its condition due to many variables and heavy loads besides very slow speed which made it slightly difficult.

Using Ultrasound techniques in the steel industry can be a great solution to this dilemma.

This presentation will cover how to use the UE Systems’ Ultraprobe 10,000 to monitor a new field of application that is a slewing bearing carrying a heavy load that exceeds 50 tons and rotates at a very slow speed with a unique movement (about 75 degrees). We will also cover using ultrasound in rebars rolling stands and how to detect the gearbox spline shaft issues which is considered a big challenge to detect its failure progress by any regular technique.


Rick Bueltel

Energy Services Technician, Missouri River Energy Services


“Predictive Maintenance for Substations”

Reliability of the electric delivery system and distribution substations is an overlooked part of most providers. Recently reliability of these systems has come under fire from consumer groups and has been tested by everything terrorism to severe weather occurrences. Now more than ever proactive maintenance and additional testing methods have been employed to insure safe and reliable delivery of electricity.

One of newer uses of ultrasonics is the collection, measurement and reporting of partial discharges that occur in all oil filled transformers. Other key maintenance testing practices included arcing and tracking, corona detection, oil sampling and Infrared analysis.

My presentation covers how Missouri River Energy Services uses our UE15000 to collect samples, our procedures and reporting practices. The information covered in this presentation comes from actual case studies and our past testing and reporting on customer substation equipment. I will also cover the importance of IR testing as well.


Scott Burkhardt

Senior Training Manager, RDI Technologies


How Does Motion Amplification® Fit into My Reliability Program?

In 2015, RDI Technologies introduced the concept of Motion Amplification®, a technique that uses proprietary video and image processing to detect, measure, and visualize motion that is impossible to see with the human eye. In this session, our Senior Training Manager, Scott Burkhardt, will share how the organizations that he personally works with are utilizing and implementing MA into their reliability programs. There will be plenty of time for your comments and questions!


Roger Carpenter

Casting Reliability, Constellium

nathaniel robinson

Nathaniel Robinson

Reliability Engineer, Constellium


“Maintenance Reliability from the Trenches”

This presentation shows a few different aspects of predictive maintenance with a focus on Ultrasound. We will discuss the struggles, hurdles and successes of our reliability program in the Casting department at Constellium, Ravenswood. We will show some real-world improvements in bearing condition between maintenance intervals, major cost savings from detecting leaks, and how Ultrasound can be used with other technologies like Vibration analysis to improve planned maintenance work.

We were plagued with fan bearing and motor failures before having a dedicated craftsman assigned to Ultrasound greasing and routine outage maintenance on critical fans. This presentation will be given from his perspective on the frontline and will show things that are missed in most programs due to not involving the people that are actually performing the work. We will also show how fast it can be to justify the cost of the predictive tools being used to prevent utility wastes and unexpected downtime


Rick Clonan

Implementation & Training Manager, Eruditio


“Joining forces with Operations to build the Maintenance Schedule”

Many maintenance and reliability improvement initiatives focus on the fundamentals of best practices. It is practically impossible to get better without having a few basic building blocks for success in place. Although these building blocks are important, they frequently overlook one key component, that is having an organizational level prioritization model that encompasses the needs of all departments within the organization and promotes a risk-based execution of the work in the backlog. While this may seem like a dream to many in maintenance, it is not that difficult to put into practice. When everyone knows why work is executed now versus later, the journey toward one team with asset care as the focus can become a reality.

terry harris

Terry Harris

President, Reliable Process Solutions


“Designing Effective Lubrication Storage”

Terry Harris of Reliable Process Solutions will present on “Designing Effective Lubrication Storage.” This session will look at all the factors you will need to determine how to effectively design a lubrication storage area. There are many factors to consider. The types of lubricants you are using and how to consolidate. The amount of lubricant for each application. What filtration and ambient controls that may be needed to protect lubricants and keep them in top condition. The session will teach how to size containers, what materials are available, the safety systems around lubrication storage. In this month of showing our bearings love – what better way to start than with lubrication storage!

jeff hay

Jeff Hay

CEO, RDI Technologies


The J to MA Curve: From Astronomy to Reliability

Jeff Hay, Ph.D., shares the intriguing academic journey that led him to entrepreneurship and the invention of Motion Amplification®. You’ll learn how astronomy research found its way into a startup with industrial applications and what’s next on the horizon. Today, RDI Technologies employs 40+ team members, including three Ph.D. physicists. This session will include a discussion on the research that occurred at U of L and the current technology, applications, and ongoing research at RDI Technologies.


Milan Heninger

Senior Technical Support Manager, Enel Green Power


“What is Leadership? Making the move from Manager to Leader?”

Leadership; it’s a word we use a lot, but do you really know what it means to lead? In essentially all realms of business and corporate training, leadership is a word used quite carelessly. While many people will tell you what leaders are, very few actually prepare you with the tools necessary to truly lead. In this talk, Milan Heninger, MBA, CMRP,  guides attendees through the core concepts of world-changing leadership, and provides you with a foundation to grow as a leader yourself. This talk provides steps you can take to lead more effectively, and the link between your individual behaviors and organizational outcomes will be clearly made. The content is appropriate for all professional levels and is most useful for those adapting to a rapidly changing business environment.

kenny hunt

Kenny Hunt

Reliability Team Coordinator, PACCAR


“Case Study – Combining Ultrasound & Motion Amplification”

This presentation will be a case study reviewing how a routine ultrasound inspection route led to the early detection of bearing failure on a system exhaust fan. Upon detecting this failure the team brought in their motion amplification equipment to do further analysis. This led to detecting additional issues in the surrounding areas. This session will showcase the power of combining technologies to reduce downtime & increase safety.


Shon Isenhour

Partner, Eruditio


“Balanced: Keeping Your Reliability Efforts Center on Both Short-Term and Long-Term Results”

During this session, we will discuss how critical it is to make sure your reliability implementation is designed with both short and long-term results in mind. The short-term results keep the organization excited and involved and the long-term items make it all sustainable. Have you considered both as you built your master plan for reliability? Neglecting either side of the scale can lead to some real issues. Join us as we talk about both sides of this balancing act and leave the session with a more results-driven plan for success with your implementation that is based on your organization’s needs.  The balance is critical!

“Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, and Root Cause Analysis: Are they the same?”

Many organizations struggle with Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, and Root Cause Analysis. Are they the same? If not when do you use each one? What are the results you should expect and who does them? Join us for this session where we look at the formal and informal problem-solving tools, how they can be applied, and what they can do for your site’s bottom line. You will leave this session with new tools that will reduce the risk within your facility if you dare use them.


Jenna Johns

COO, RDI Technologies


Applied Anthropology and the Effect on Community: Practical Tips to Take Back to the Plant

We live in an era when global understanding and recognition of diverse ways of seeing the world are critically important. Think about the last group project you took part in. Could it have gone better?  What actions could have achieved different results? Jenna Johns, COO at RDI Technologies, will share what she’s learned through her passion for and study of applied anthropology. You’ll leave this session with simple principles you can apply to solve workplace challenges and actionable tips you can use to enhance your team and community.


Dawn Kayatta

Event Marketing Manager, RDI Technologies


Danny Anderson

Assistant Dean, Del Mar College


Making an Impact from the Classroom

You’re constantly training, hiring, firing, and training again…does this cycle sound familiar? Danny Anderson, Assistant Professor at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX, shares his leap from a tradesman to molding young minds. He will address the ever-challenging work environment, what he sees as trends, and how to attract young talent. His perspective comes straight from the students, years of placing graduates, and understanding the needs in his geography. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and hear how your peers are dealing with this ever-present challenge in maintenance & reliability.


Jake Law

Southeast Regional Manager, UE Systems


“Bearing Health Lubrication Reimagined”

UE Systems is excited to share our latest innovation – the OnTrak SmartLube! This presentation will be an overview of how we are Disrupting Bearing Lubrication Prescriptive Bearing Monitoring and Precision Lubrication from Anywhere, Anytime.

It has been said that as many as 60 to 80 percent of premature bearing failures are lubrication-related. Whether it is due to over lubrication, under lubrication, or simply using the wrong lubricant for the wrong application, it is still a lubrication-related failure. One challenge for maintenance & reliability professionals is how to optimize their lubrication PM’s. Ultrasound technology is one way to assist in enhancing lubrication procedures. Using ultrasound, we can prevent lubrication failures due to over and under lubrication.

When you combine the power of Ultrasound to determine the exact time a bearing requires lubrication and the precise amount of lubrication required with the convenience, reliability, and safety of an automatic single-point lubrication device, you have a truly disruptive technology that allows to monitor and lubricate your bearings from anywhere in the world as if you are right beside the bearing.

In this session, you will learn:

• How to use ultrasound for Ultrasound “assisted” lubrication
• How ultrasound and IIoT can be used together to monitor the lubrication needs of your bearings.
• Challenges with automatic lubrication devices.
• Combining the power of ultrasound with automatic lubrication can change the way you manage your lubrication PM’s.


Tony Israel

Reliability Engineering Manager, Consolidated Nuclear Security


Marleen Kanagawa

Production Engineer, Divert, Inc.


Thomas Jackson

Reliability Planner, Constellium


“Walking the Walk with iBL Graduates ” – Panel

Join a group of leaders within maintenance and reliability as they share their stories and experiences while implementing reliability improvements within their organizations. This cross-industry and cross-functional panel will discuss the highlights and benefits of a reliability improvement as well as what roadblocks they overcame to achieve success! Their areas of improvement range from planning and scheduling tools, pdm programs, systemic and latent root cause analysis results, and more!

Our panelists come from various industries such as Food and Beverage, Metals and Mining, Pharmaceutical and the Department of Energy. You’ll be shocked to hear how vastly different industries and organizations experience such similarities! Learn from their experiences on how you can implement tools and processes to maximize your site’s reliability, maintainability, and availability.

MCed by Shon Isenhour, Eruditio, you can expect a high energy session with lots of passion for maintenance and reliability!


Mason McNally

Product Manager, RDI Technologies


Scott Burkhardt

Senior Training Manager, RDI Technologies


Continuous Monitoring and Motion Amplification®, It’s Here!

Imagine having 2.3 million sensors without ever touching your asset. The Iris CM™ is the latest innovation in video-based asset condition monitoring. This technology allows you to see and trigger what is happening on your equipment 24/7.  You can quantify vibration, amplitude, phase, and frequency for anything visible in the recorded video. During this session, we will demo the Iris CM™ software and hardware that makes all of this possible.


Chase Sasser

Southeast Regional Manager, UE Systems


“Stop Leaking Profits – Leak Detection with Ultrasound”

It’s more likely than not that your facility has multiple undetected compressed air leaks. They are known as the silent killer – they often go unnoticed because they either go undetected, get ignored, or people are merely “used” to it, thinking it’s normal. The reality of the situation, however, is much different – compressed air leaks are draining your wallet fast. 30% of all compressed air produced is wasted. In what other area of work do we accept wasting 30% of a valuable resource?

Thankfully, there are many tools out there that can help combat this issue. We will discuss how the power of ultrasound can help you quickly locate, detect, tag, fix, and quantity the amount of air you are wasting. We will also go through a demonstration of a new mobile app that will quickly become your best friend – the Leak Survey SideKick App – allowing you to accurately calculate your savings, create and build reports, build multiple routes, and much more.

The power of ultrasound combined with the use of this brand-new mobile app will help your facility become unstoppable against those pesky and wasteful air leaks.


Thomas Scire

Maintenance Technician, FedEx


“Analyzing Ultrasound for a Brighter Future”

Using multiple Ultrasound case studies from a real-world distribution center, we will analyze sound files and data that help prevent unplanned downtime and how you can use this knowledge in your own facility.  

We will also go over how FedEx uses the power of ultrasound on a day-to-day basis, including all rotating equipment, and the process that you can expect to implement while building a reliability program.


Thomas Wilk

Editor in Chief, Plant Services


“What the Industry Is Saying About CMMS, Cybersecurity, and Machine Maintenance”

Plant Services reaches out to its readers regularly on the issues and technologies of the day. Over the past 12 months, readers have weighed in on three different research surveys:

* CMMS / EAM systems

* general machine maintenance and health

* cybersecurity

Come to this session to learn if what is said is so about these topics, and share what’s happening at your facility.

Leading Reliability Conference Testimonials

“A must-attend event for anyone looking to start or improve their maintenance and reliability!”

“I really enjoyed the 2021 Leading Reliability Live and In-person Conference. The speakers each led great discussions and also took time during the day to answer any questions and give out their contact information as a continued resource. There is great value in the contacts made during this conference and the opportunity to talk with our peers about the opportunities and successes we are seeing in our facilities. The venue was excellent and the conference organizers took great care of us. Thank you.”

“This was my first reliability conference, and it was a great experience. I not only enjoyed presenting, but also attending the other workshops. I learned a lot from really established professionals and hope to make improvements at my site with the useful information. I also was able to network with others and answer questions, as well as, get a few of mine answered. Overall this was an excellent conference that was extremely helpful and well put together.”

“What a great week of interacting with a huge variety of professionals that were all focused on reliability! The location, food, and sessions were all outstanding but the atmosphere while enjoying these is what will bring me back next year! Great job guys!”

“This was a wonderful experience. Some of the roadblocks I have while building the PdM program have been removed thanks to this conference. The networking and broad spectrum of speakers was a grand help.”

“The most important part of these types of conferences is the gathering with others who have a interest in implementing a Reliability culture within each of our facilities. This conference provided a lot of available tools and relationships to help improve and implement the reliability culture without our facilities.”

“Great event with a lot of great information. Shon, Andy, and Skylar from Eruditio presented entertaining, hands on, well prepared and valuable information. Having RDI, Fluke, and other vendors at the session with demos and time to talk in a relatively intimate 1-1 environment was great as well.”

“The Leading Reliability Class was an amazing time! All industry members are experts in their field, and no matter your experience you will definitely take something away from it. No matter if you’re looking for the latest in greatest technology, or just looking to gain knowledge on Reliability Leadership this seminar has it all. Big thank you to everyone who made this visit a pleasure and I look forward to attending again in the future!”

“I got the most from the preconference session with eruditio. I was able to come back and implement some of the strategies immediately.”

“This was my first time attending the reliability conference, so I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. It was a very informative and educational conference. It was a great opportunity to network with folks from within my company as well as build relationships with folks outside of my company.”