UE Systems Bearing Health & Lubrication Workshop

This workshop will be held Tuesday, May 16.

Optimizing Rolling Element Bearing Lubrication with Ultrasound and IIoT Workshop

According to a leading bearing manufacturer, over 50% of rolling-element bearing failures can be attributed to improper lubrication. This includes using incorrect lubricant as well as under and over-lubricating the bearings. This workshop is broken out into two sections – in section 1, we will review the fundamentals of how to select the right oil or grease for element bearings, how to properly pre-pack and re-lubricate greased bearings, and how to determine the right quantity and frequency when regreasing. With the foundational knowledge now set, section 2 of this workshop will focus on optimizing lubrication programs by moving from traditional time-based lubrication towards condition-based lubrication practices. Additionally, with the help of a bearing testing unit, we will perform a live demonstration on how ultrasound technology can be used to accurately monitor friction in a bearing. We will also use a manual grease gun and the power of IIoT to show how you can restore bearing friction and optimize your lubrication process moving forward. The condition-based lubrication system will only lubricate the bearing when it is required and will precisely dispense the exact amount of grease needed. When we properly utilize the power of ultrasound, we can efficiently prevent lubrication failures due to improper lubrication practices from happening in the first place.