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The Leading Reliability Conference team knows that training and conference dollars are not always easy to come by. With that in mind, we’re designing this conference to provide the most training and educational value for your time and investment. Below you’ll find all the pre and post-conference training opportunities that are included in your conference registration fee.

Eruditio presents THE Leading Reliability Workshop: Tools and concepts you need to be successful

This leadership workshop provides you with simple tools designed to help you lead your organization, develop an effective team, and achieve better business results.

Have you ever asked yourself?

• How do I empower my team to be more effective?

• How do I develop team members?

• How do I continue to improve myself?

• How do I get started with this process?

During our day-long workshop, we will discuss the leadership tools and processes it takes to develop and lead a successful team.

We’ll walk you through the starting process by creating a hypothetical implementation and using simulations, games, and exercises for an interactive learning experience. Once underway you’ll have the opportunity to practice these exercises in a safe training environment. After identifying how to assist team members achieve their professional and personal goals, we will focus on your development as both an individual and a team leader.

You will leave with the knowledge and tools that create an environment for greater success! This is a great workshop for you, your team, and your boss to attend!

RDI TECHNOLOGIES MOTION AMPLIFICATION® WORKSHOP: Motion Amplification®: A Hands-On Practical Guide for Utilizing a Camera for Asset Reliability

RDI Technologies’ hands-on workshop will cover the basics of Motion Amplification® and allow our attendees to utilize Motion Amplification® cameras and software for live data collection and analysis by certified Motion Amplification® instructors. The course will cover an introduction to the technology and guide the attendees through use cases to learn how a camera can be leveraged in new ways to supplement and add new capabilities to a maintenance and reliability program. Attendees will then have access to cameras and software to perform their own data collection on live portable assets. Instructors will guide you through this process and demonstrate best practices with the technology and connect this hands-on experience to their own maintenance and reliability issues. The workshop will include an introduction to the technology along with open discussions on the ways in which the technology can be integrated into a real-world maintenance and reliability program. The workshop will allow for self-paced learning so that novices with the technology will benefit by learning the basics while more advanced attendees can explore the wide variety of new and advanced capabilities the technology has expanded to include. The latest capabilities will be covered, including continuous monitoring, trending, thermal growth and tach synchronization for rotating dynamics among others.


Jeff Hay, Chief Executive Officer, RDI Technologies

Dan Nower, VP of Business Development and Corporate Accounts


Advanced Motion Amplification® Training:  Take this opportunity to join us in Clearwater, FL, as we take our training on the road!  We will be co-located with the annual Leading Reliability Conference 2023. During the Basic Iris M™ Certification Training, you learned the fundamentals of how to acquire Motion Amplification® data and how to use the Motion Amplification® Application to analyze data and create videos. You’ve had some time to use the system on your own and now you’re ready to take your skills to the next level This training will help you cross the gap between knowing how to use the basic components of the system, to actually solving problems related to structures, rotating machinery, and piping. Learn Advanced Motion Amplification® analysis techniques to help make you a more successful Motion Amplification® Analyst. Over two days our experienced instructors will cover the following:

  • Identifying Common Machinery Faults with Motion Amplification®
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Advanced-Data Collection
  • Resonance Testing
  • Piping and Pipe Support Analysis
  • Rotating Component Inspection
  • High-Density Recording
  • Using Motion Studio™ for Professional Results
  • Anti-Aliasing Techniques
  • Transient Analysis
  • Presentation of Motion Amplification® Case Histories


Jeff Hay, Chief Executive Officer, RDI Technologies

Dan Nower, VP of Business Development and Corporate Accounts

UE SYSTEMS BEARING HEALTH & LUBRICATION WORKSHOP: Optimizing Rolling Element Bearing Lubrication with Ultrasound and IIoT

According to a leading bearing manufacturer, over 50% of rolling-element bearing failures can be attributed to improper lubrication. This includes using incorrect lubricant as well as under and over lubricating the bearings. This workshop is broken out into two sections – in section 1, we will review the fundamentals of how to select the right oil or grease for element bearings, how to properly pre-pack and re-lubricate greased bearings, and how to determine the right quantity and frequency when regreasing. With the foundational knowledge now set, section 2 of this workshop will focus on optimizing lubrication programs by moving from traditional time-based lubrication towards condition-based lubrication practices. Additionally, with the help of a bearing testing unit, we will perform a live demonstration on how ultrasound technology can be used to accurately monitor friction in a bearing. We will also use a manual grease gun and the power of IIoT to show how you can restore bearing friction and optimize your lubrication process moving forward. The condition-based lubrication system will only lubricate the bearing when it is required and will precisely dispense the exact amount of grease needed. When we properly utilize the power of ultrasound, we can efficiently prevent lubrication failures due to improper lubrication practices from happening in the first place.


Not only do compressed air leaks cost money, but they also reduce equipment running hours, add unnecessary wear and tear on equipment, and can be a safety risk for employees. With just a simple point and scan, locating and fixing leaks will reduce the concern of rising energy costs, create a safer working environment for employees, and ensure your facility is working at optimal efficiency. In part one of this hands on workshop we’ll discuss the many ways that Ultrasound can be used to detect leaks & how you can easily calculate and report the savings. We’ll let participants utilize both traditional methods as well as use our new UltraView Leak Detection camera that allows for finding leaks 10x faster.

Performing electrical inspections of equipment provides both practical and safety challenges. Sometimes it is impossible to gain access to the test equipment for an accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound is a safe and effective way to inspect your electrical assets at all voltage levels, allowing you to scan enclosed gear before opening for further inspection. Part two of this hands on workshop will educate participants on the various types of partial discharge & how to differentiate between them. We’ll also give participants a chance to use our new UltraView Plus camera which can detect and immediately determine severity of partial discharge – safely and easily.

Participants of this workshop will walk away with a great understanding of how ultrasound can be applied for both leak detection and electrical safety.

Register TODAY to save $400 off your 2024 Leading Reliability registration!
Register TODAY to save $400 off your 2024 Leading Reliability registration!